“I’m a lamplighter. Bringing light to peoples homes and hearts”

Artist Vainius Kubilius found his passion for light art back in 2014 while studying software engineering. Being a gentle soul creator he couldn’t find joy in writing code, so he was searching for a passionate work that would bring him meaning. Inspired by the world-famous light artist Calabarte, he crafted his first lamp out of a coconut that he still has by this day. With years he perfected his creations to the ones that you can see now. Success did not come easy. Sleepless nights, stressful days, mistakes and fails, he had it all. Yet passion overcame it and even brought likeminded creators to join him. Today Vainius and his Nymphs Team has brought light to thousands of people and hope to brighten your life too.

“The first lamp was drilled out of coconut and covered with white rope. It was simple, yet for me it was extraordinary.”


“What if we look at a lamp not as an essential tool for creating light, but as a gorgeous accessory for your home? As a diamond that captures the rooms attention and completely changes the feeling of the moment.”

Przemek Krawczynski a.k.a. Calabarte – world famous gourd artist and the author of the Calabarte lamps. His work has been featured in many major art design journals and websites worldwide. He is praised for his talent and creativity in crafting the most precise and complex patterns and turning a gourd into a beautiful piece of art worth thousands of dollars. It’s truly a must-have for any art collector. Przemek sparked in Vainius the passion for crafting mesmerising light pieces with his amazing art pieces. During the years they became good friends and shares their ideas and experiences. With the help of Calabarte Vainius was able to launch two successful Kickstarter campaigns and craft more than a 1000 beautiful lamps.

Made of high quality materials and by highest possible standards