1.What bulbs does the lamp use? Where can I buy it?

Nymphs lamps come with bulbs installed. It uses custom-made LED bulbs. You won’t find these bulbs in your local stores but we do offer replacements for just 2 USD + shipping fee. They should last for a few years and are very easy to replace.

The bulbs are 2700K colour temperature (very warm / yellow) and create the optimal brightness. Brighter light would irritate your eyes.

2. How to replace a bulb?

To replace a bulb please follow these steps.

  1. Please remove the gourd lampshade from the lampstand (the lampshade is held by a magnet).
  2. Unlatch the white latch of the bulb holder and expose the bulb connections.
  3. Please review both sides of how the bulb is inserted and even take pictures so you could compare it with your insert.
  4. Slide the old bulb out and slide the new bulb in. Make sure that both sides of the bulb are inserted into the bulb holder.
  5. Close the white bulb holder latch. The yellow LED pieces on both sides should be touching the white bulb holder’s top border.

    If there’s any issues or you need more help, feel free to contact us.

3. Are your lamps dimmable?

Nymphs lamps are not dimmable.

4. Do you offer a warranty?

All lamps come with a 12-month warranty. If the lamp will stop working properly during this period we will fix the lamp or organize a replacement free of charge.

Contact us if you have an issue after the warranty expires and we’ll try to find you the best solution to the problem.

5. Will the lamp work in my country? What is the plug type?

Nymphs lamps use 110-240V power supplies and will work in any country. They come with an EU, US, UK or AU plug depending on the country provided in the shipping information.

6. My lamp broke. What should I do?

If the gourd lampshade was damaged we can ship you a replacement for 149 USD (shipping included).

If the lamp won’t light up please do a quick check to help us easily identify the problem.

  • Try connecting the lamp without the On/Off switch and see if it lights up. If it does, the switch is faulty and we will send you a replacement. Please try this test only for a short time and do not use the lamp without the On/Off switch. Nymphs lamps are tuned to be used with a switch and longer use might cause the LED bulb to burn out.
  • If you have few of our lamps, try using the power supply from other lamps to see if it lights up.  Make sure the power supply is identical. If the lamp lights up, the power supply you received is faulty and we will ship you a replacement.
  • Try moving the bulb inside the socket. If it lights up but won’t stay light the socket is faulty ir the bulb needs to be reinserted into the socket to provide a more solide connection. 

Please contact us with the test results, your last name or order number.